Imagine Media llc can help you set up you dream home systems, create an amazing digital home environment all easily controlled buy the push of a button. Our team has been installing cutting edge technology on the North Shore and Chicagoland area for over 10 years.

We can set up and install all multimedia products. Our seasoned installers can expertly conceal your cords, mount tvs and speakers or configure your remotes. You can enjoy a professional level install that is clean and efficient, with unmatched service.

Home Theatre
For the movie buffs who want the theater experience in their home. Feel like you are in the movie with high definition screens and full range surround sound. We can measure the room and give you the best experience with high end multimedia devices. All hidden behind a clean and sleek facade.

Whole House Music
Enjoy your music anywhere in your house OR outside. Expertly concealed speakers and audio systems can control your music experience.

Home Control System
Smart home or home automation is not only for the tech savvy. Impress your guests with your fully automated home. Easily control everything from audio, TV, security, lighting, room heating and cooling. Featuring simple to use controls.

Interior-Exterior Lighting
Control your home’s interior and exterior lighting in one place. Set timers and save energy with automated smart lighting.

IT Networking
Let our team fully integrate your home for a smart and seamless experience. Connect computers, printers, audio and video devices together and have access to any device throughout your home. We will make sure your web accessible devices are connected and running in top performance.

CCTV Systems
Keep your home safe with a state of the art surveillance system. Install high definition cameras around your property and stream or record video. Access a live feed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone.